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Late afternoon we headed towards the Laxmanpur beach which is the longest beach in Neil Island. The cleanliness and the natural beauty of the beach with white sand and greenish blue water were truly awesome. Evening walk and sunset photography is not to be missed out at the Laxmanpur beach.

laxman nagar beach


Neil island with a very few population, calm evening and moonlight night is a must visit island in Andamans.

The next day we started our journey to Havelock Island in a ferry from Neil Island which took almost 2 hours to reach. Havelock is one of the largest island in Andaman. Ferries arrive there directly from Port Blair too. Our accommodation was in Dolphin Resort, an eco-friendly resort alongside the beach. It also has a Restaurant and Bar providing delicious sea food on extra charges. The two most important beaches in Havelock are Elephant beach and Radhanagar Beach.

In the evening we had the chance to visit Radhanagar beach which is one of the most popular beaches in Asia. Turquoise blue water and silky silvery sand with dense trees beyond the sand line make it a place to spend hours in the beach, bathing and taking long walks. However, this fun and enjoyment is not entertained during the nights on these wonderful waters. The small restaurants near the beach provide some of the best food which can be a good time pass for people who don’t want to step into the magical water.

After spending a few hours there, we experienced one of the most beautiful sun sets. The beach has to be vacated after the sunset. Thus was a beautiful end of our first day at Havelock.

andaman beach

The next early morning was our visit to Elephant Beach. This beach is best in its marine life. One should definitely try Scuba diving, Snorkeling and other marine activities here, which of course come with a disclaimer note of terms and conditions for medically dependent people. There will be experts to train and guide you on diving and I’m sure that it is the place for the most adventurous people!

After spending the morning diving under sea water, we were all packed to go back to Port Blair. The driver drove us to the ferry stand. But that’s not all the fun here, more coming up from Andamans.


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