Andaman trip part 4

After reaching Port Blair, the next day was our tour to Baratang island where we can see the famous active mud volcano The road to Baratang from Port Blair passes through the Jarawa Tribe Reserve which is also known as Andaman Trunk Road (ATR Route). For the safety of the tourists and the tribals, security personnel also travel in a convoy. Interacting with them, giving them food or clicking their pictures is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law. We started very early in the morning as there were timings for passing through the Jarawa tribe reserve. So our journey through the dense forest of Jarawa reserve started which continued non-stop for one and half hour. After which we reached the ferry stand, we boarded a ferry for Baratang island. There we saw the famous mud volcano which erupted molten mud from the earth at regular intervals. It was so astonishing that the mud which boiled out of the earth was chill cold when we touched it and it had no medicinal value.

mud volcano baratang island

Watching the lime stone caves and the mangrove forests here was a lifetime experience.

The next day was our last day in Andaman. There was more place to watch so we started early again. First point was Mount Harriot, on the way we had a chance to stop and see the famous light house of the North Bay Island which appears at the back side of a 20 rupees note.

mount harriot andaman

The last beach we visited in Andaman was the Mundapahar beach in Chidiya Tapu. It was a mangrove covered green and we experienced an amazing sight-seeing and also our last sunset in Andaman which was rightly an amazing end to our last evening at Andaman.

Mundapahar beach in Chidiya TapuThe next morning we had a quick view of the Aquarium where a variety of unique sea animals are kept. Thus our trip to Andaman ended to be an awesome one with much fun and adventure. It was a wonderful experience to be on the land of sand and beaches and was an ultimate treat to the stressed eyes, body and soul!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Part II

this is a continuation (part 1)

We finished with lunch before we started our Port Blair sightseeing which started with the famous cellular jail which is most commonly known as “Kala Pani”. The prison is known to be house of many notable Indian activists who have spent most of their lives there during the struggle for India’s independence. The jail was constructed with seven wings three storey high having isolated cells for each prisoner and a tower at the center.

Cellular jail,port blair, andaman, national memorial Cellular jail,port blair, andaman, national memorial Cellular jail,port blair, andaman, national memorial Cellular jail,port blair, andaman, national memorial Cellular jail,port blair, andaman, national memorial Cellular jail,port blair, andaman, national memorial

Tour of the jail sank my heart when I read about the inhuman behavior towards our mighty freedom fighters all day and night. Just for a break, we were driven to Corbyn’s Cove sea beach. The clear water of the sea with its white sand was so relaxing. From there we got a view of the Snake Island where various species of snake is known to be found.
Following the break, we came back to cellular jail for a light and sound show inside the jail compound, which we enjoyed to the heartiest.

Cellular jail,port blair, andaman, national memorial

The show which narrated the role of the cellular jail and its inmates during our freedom struggle. Thus ending our first day in Andamans.
Second day, early morning we left for Neil Islands in ferry which is the only transportation between the islands. It took us almost two hours to reach Neil Island. Reaching Neil, we were taken to our place of stay in Hawa-Bill Nest Resort which is a government owned resort costing Rs.2000 for a double bed per night.
After a short rest, we started our Neil island tour starting with coral beach making our way within the forest. With its unexplored corals reefs on the beach and crystal clear water coral beach was an awesome place to start with the tour.

Followed by which we went to Bharatpur beach where we found the sea with greenery in its water in contrast with its white sand made it one of the most beautiful place of visit. More such places coming up. Keep reading which are those places.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Part 1

Andaman and Nicobar Islands : A perfect destination to make beautiful memories

Over a whole year of tiring schedules and work, it was time for a family holiday! When it comes to holidaying, my family prefers a place with less crowd and peaceful environment. With all the word of mouth reviews from relatives and friends, Andaman & Nicobar Islands was a destination we always wanted to visit. So, with a mindset of visiting the so called ‘Mini India’ we booked our flight from Chennai to Port Blair through Jet Airways. The round-way trip ticket charges were around Rs 12,500 per person when booked two months earlier. It is always best to book tickets much earlier (almost three months or so) or during the off-season, so that you can save a lot of money and spend it on shopping, of course! November to February is supposed to be the peak season at Andaman and attracts a lot of tourists.

We had booked 7 days’ & 6 nights’ package which covered staying, traveling, entry tickets, etc. except food. The travel package charges were 9000 per person. Here’s the agenda of our travel, which proved to be super-exciting:

Day 1: We flew from Kamraj International Airport, Chennai and reached Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair.

Andaman from air

With less than 2 hours of travel, we made our descent to Port Blair. The aerial view of the islands with different colors of water was exquisite. It seemed to us that our flight was making its way through the colorful islands.

Fifteen minutes of breathtaking view and we landed in Port Blair at about 1:30 pm. In Port Blair, our rooms were booked in Amit Lodge which had an amazing view of the sea. The lodge was near to the cellular jail and a walkable distance to the market which had ATMs and a number of restaurants, facilitating modern lifestyle.

Port Blair

Finishing our lunch with the tasty Andaman Sea food dishes, we began our journey to find out what Andamans had in store for us. Read on to know every place we visited and what excited us…

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