Goa Sunsets

Sunset from Anjuna beach

sunset at Anjuna beach, goa


Sunset from Vagator beach

sunset from Vagator beach, goa


Sunset from Candolim Beach

sunset from Candolim beach, goa sunset from Candolim beach, goa


Sunset from Calangute beach

sunset from calangute beach, goa


Sunset pics from my Goa visit in Nov 2017. Best place to sunset of all the beaches I have gone is the one from Vagator beach. Don’t miss it if you go to Goa.

Map coordinates for vagator view point

Around Payannur

The first week of the month of June is a good time to drive through Karnataka and Kerala. The monsoons were just starting off, at least, that was the case this year when I drove on that part of the country. When the monsoons are just about to start, there are a few preliminary showers, which ensure that the forests are green and view outside scenic. At the same time it hasn’t rained so heavily as to cause any misadventure during the drive.

It was during this period that I  drove to Payannur for a friend’s wedding with some friends. After the wedding, we drove around to nearby ‘islands’. Calm and green were these places, beautiful to drive around the coast – Madakkal and Kavvai

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.48.44 PM

kavvai kavvai kavvai

Monks of Golden Temple Kushalnagar

During my recent road trip to Kerala from Chennai, on the way back we stopped by at Bailkuppe close to Kushalnagar, Coorg, Karnataka to see the Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery). These were some of the photos of the monks.


A young monk carrying a jackfruit as instructed by a senior

monks of kushalnagar

Shades of Red

Monks during their prayer time

Monks during their prayer time

monks in golden temple, kushalnagar

Doing his chores

Elephants on the road

This was during my drive from Bangalore to Payanur, Kerala. We spotted these somewhere after Gonikoppal, Karnataka on the way to Kerala. Only later we realized, when we were looking at these photos, that probably they were domesticated. There were chains around the legs and one elephant had a bell around its neck. But it was still a wonderful feeling to have sighted these giants.

elephant on the road elephant on the roadelephant on the road elephant on the road

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