Bus journeys – helpful tips!

Last weekend I went by bus to Tranquebar from Chennai – 300kms. I had not booked a seat in advance, as this was not the plan A. I noticed a few things that can make your bus journey comfortable and thought I’d pass it on to you.

bus journey tips

Travel light

Light is simple, light is fast. Of course, it also depends on how many days are you going to be away from home. This trip for me was a weekend getaway from Chennai. I started Saturday morning and came back home Sunday night. Why should you travel light? Case in point: on my way back from Tranquebar – Karaikal to Pondicherry, the bus I was in burst its tires. All the passengers got down and had to take another already-crowded bus going to Pondicherry. If I hadn’t travelled that day, I wouldn’t have gotten into that bus.

Right or left side of the bus?

This is gonna get little technical. I was going south from Chennai, in the morning, on the East Coast Road (ECR). So the sun is on the left side till noon. So, it’s advisable to take a seat on the right side of the bus. So on…

Window or Aisle?

If it’s the monsoons, I will not recommend you take the window seat, as most of the bus windows leak and your seat might get messy. Also if you have long legs or you are just tall, you might want to take the aisle, as it gives you more room to stretch your legs.

Drink water but not too much!

For obvious reasons 🙂

Good music and a book

6-hour bus journey can be really boring without some good entertainment. I had my phone loaded with nice music just before the trip, so that helped a lot. I had my Kindle and also a Nat Geo traveller magazine. Nothing better than reading a Traveller magazine, while travelling.

Did I miss out any tips, so share with me.


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