My first solo trip!

It was awesome!

Solo trip, Chennai to Tranquebar, by bus


Think for only one person – yourself!

To start with, you don’t have to think for two people. It’s just you! If you like something, you can take it without having to consider other person’s opinion of it. For ex. I was supposed to start my trip on Friday evening, but nothing was going my way, so I decided to do the trip next weekend. But when I got up at 5:30 AM Saturday morning, I wanted to go, I packed and left! Imagine, in the same case, if there was one more friend involved in the trip. I’d have had to call him up, ask him if he is good to go, and depending on that I’d have had to decide and take it forward.

So it is when it comes to a place of stay or mode of transport. You know your comfort level. I know that I can sit in a not so comfortable, non-AC bus on a summer day and travel with no complaints, but if there was one other person with
me, I’d have had to ask him if he was ok with it etc. Same for a place of stay – I like to do low-budget trips, and that comes with not having 5-star hotels to stay in! I’m ok with that but will the other person be ok?!

There is always place for one, if there is place at all!

When I boarded a bus, coming back from Pondicherry to Chennai, the bus had only one vacant seat. Other group-travellers couldn’t take the bus coz’ it had only one seat. I could take it and I did! If there is a vacant place at all in a bus, there must be at least one!

Easy to hitchhike

I had to go to Karaikal from Tranquebar (10 kms) to get a bus to Pondicherry. I was waiting in the bus stop for quite sometime and there was no bus in sight. One biker came along, I asked for a lift. He agreed, I jumped on the bike and went till Karaikal.

I spoke about the advantages, now the disadvantages:

  • What if you fall sick. Life is better if you are with someone you know. A friend can attend to your needs and get you medical help.
  • You cannot leave your luggage/backpack anywhere. Even if you want to use a restroom someplace, be it a restaurant or bus stand, you cannot leave your luggage out.
  • You have to eat alone, if you haven’t made any friends in that destination.
  • Most of the rooms in hotels are double-bed rooms. So you end up paying more than what you use.

Everyone should do at least one solo trip! It feels good to be independent.

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