Time-Speed theory

The time-speed theory is about the speed of time, sort of the relativity theory. You would have noticed that when you are doing something that you hate to do, for example, a post-lunch boring meeting or a college lecture, every minute feels like an hour. On the other hand, when you are doing something interesting, example tea break or vacations, time flies really fast.  The speed of time also slows down when you are looking forward to some super fun stuff. I am planning a roadtrip to Goa with some friends of mine. I have a week to kill before … Continue reading

Chennai to Ooty – Road Trip

Three friends, three days. If we had taken an auto, that would have been three wheels but we took a car, so that will be the end of the three’s. 🙂 Ooty, Tamil Nadu The route that we took from Chennai to Ooty: View Larger Map Day 1 We guys started on a beautiful Friday morning, 4 AM. At that time it wasn’t as beautiful, none of us had slept well on the Zeroth Night. Zeroth night is the night before a road trip, hence the name “Zero” and also that is the night you have Zero sleep due to … Continue reading

Pondy (aka Pondicherry, puducherry) trip! whoa!

I thought Goa was the most beautiful place, but not anymore! I could be wrong, considering the fact that: It’s been an year since I went to Goa (This year’s Goa trip is pending!) I got a lot of time to explore the place and experiment in my newfound passion for photography in Pondy. Lesson from the trip: The next place you visit is always better than the last place you visited (or the last time you visited the same place)!(considering you return home alive) Pondy (a.k.a Puducherry, Pondicherry) It all started when a friend of mine came to my … Continue reading

Road trip on a bike vs car

First let me establish my credibility on this subject of road trips (RT). I do a lot of them! I’m addicted to travel. The longest car drive I’ve gone on was a 900 Km drive over 4 days and the longest I did on a bike was the recent Masinagudi trip – 1400 kms in two days. I have done close to 6 car trips and 2 bike trips. I’ve never done a LONG RT in a bike, so this Masinagudi trip was the first. I had quiet an enlightenment of the differences between bike trips and car trips. Bike … Continue reading

Masinagudi Trip

Masinagudi, a beautiful small little hamlet in the middle of a Jungle. Optimum Stay: two nights and a day. The first one hour was nice. I was telling myself “This is easy!”. The next hour, it got numb. I said to myself “This isn’t all that bad!”. And then it started – began to burn.It refers to the part of the body that’s on the seat! Yes, I went by Royal Enfield from Chennai. 1400 kms, two days. I had a good time, partly scary – was the pillion when the bike was doing 120 kmph and mostly awesome – … Continue reading

Pichavaram Trip

If you are in Chennai and want to go on a trip for a weekend or a long weekend (say 3 days), Pichavaram + Pondicherryis a pretty good plan.Some facts about Pichavaram first: You should be prepared to spend 3 hours in a boat If you can’t swim and are afraid, don’t worry, the water is only 3 to 5 feet deep If you are afraid of snakes, the TTDC rooms at Pichavaram are NOT the place to stay The last one hour of the boat ride is really boring There are NO crocodiles in the backwaters – So they … Continue reading

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