Varkala, Kerala – A romantic, weekend getaway


Duration: 2 nights and 3 days

Category: Romantic, weekend getaway

Mathematically: Varkala = Goa – Party

Varkala is a much smaller version of Goa with no parties, and you get only Kingfisher, mostly! The beach-restaurants are styled the same way as in Goa. I would recommend Varkala(in Kerala) to anyone looking to take some time off from the busy/mundane(both equally taxing) schedule and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Ideally, Varkala is a great honeymoon destination, and it is inexpensive. A day in Varkala – start off with a breakfast in your resort, followed by an ayurvedic massage to take away your travel fatigue and worries. Have a filling Kerala lunch of fish curry with a bowl of rice and pick from a plethora of seafood side-dishes. I’m terribly sorry if you are vegetarian  but there are other things to enjoy for you. Have a nap, make sure to get out of the resort by 5:30 PM to watch the sunset. Evenings can be spent on shopping pretty dresses, followed by a sumptuous dinner by the beach and a walk in the moonlit sands. Next day, rinse and repeat!

Varkala, Kerala - sunset

Varkala, Kerala – Sunset

Restaurant lights in Varkala, Kerala

Restaurant lights in Varkala, Kerala

Restaurant lights in Varkala, Kerala

Restaurant lights in Varkala, Kerala

Restaurant lights in Varkala, Kerala

Lots of couples visit this place, from what I saw. The resorts and the beaches are occupied by foreigners, predominantly. Lot of love in the air, with beautifully lit restaurants and a long stretch of road full of pretty dresses (can make any girl’s heart leap with joy). Make sure to carry cash and hone your negotiation skills before going shopping in these shops, else carry more cash.

Below: Light on the cliff: At least 1 km stretch of road on the cliff, overlooking the sea, which is lined with shops and restaurants, do take a walk there!

shopping in  Varkala, Kerala

[stitched photo, bad quality!] Shopping in Varkala, Kerala

That, my dear friend, is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Varkala great place to celebrate a special day with special people. In my list of destinations, this will be under the folder “Romantic, chilled out beach destinations”.

What should you take along for this trip?

  • Beachwear
  • Dinner dress
  • Cash
  • Negotiations skills (else, carry more cash)
  • Sunscreen
  • The special someone


Other Information:

Resorts: there are a lot of resorts around the papanasam beach. We stayed in Eden Gardens resort, Rs.800/night for a double-bed room. It is hygienic, has a water heater (geyser) and a bath tub.

Railway Station: There is a station in Varkala, many trains stop there, but only for few minutes

Airport: Nearest is Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum) airport, and a cab from there to Varkala will cost you Rs.1300 (overheard)

ATMs : Available, near the Temple Junction, 500 mts from the papanasam beach.


Gentle reminder to travellers: please do not litter!

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