Tanjore Trip

It was good! 🙂 One of my team mates (colleagues) got married on 27th Jan. First of all, Congrats to him and God bless his married life!The reception was on 26th Jan. That being a national holiday, we guys (from office) decided to go for the reception. We started from Chennai on the 25th night by train. I have to mention that Indian railways has gone really bad now. Earlier it used to be only rats, now there are rats and the resident cockroaches. But then there is an improvement too, to be able to charge laptops and mobile phones. So I was able to watch a movie till 4 AM. 🙂

We reached Tanjore by 7 o’clock in the morning of 26th Jan. We got out of the train and were greeted with this wonderful view.

Went to the hotel (The Oriental Towers)

Its a real good hotel for a town like Tanjore. Eight storey, I guess.

Well maintained, has a swimming pool and if you get a room like mine (room no. 715) then you can have beautiful view of the temple top.

Then we went to visit the periya temple (means “Big Temple”)and yes it is really big!
Built by this Chola Raja

Some better Tanjore pics are available here.

Then we went to the Tanjore Sivagangai Park. Not much to see there, but if you are going with kids, it’s definitely a great place. There is a mini zoo with peacocks (and Peahens), foxes, deers, Guinea pigs, rabbits, pigeons, parrot, oh and lots of “love birds”... 🙂

park pics are available here.

On our way back to the hotel, we had lunch(very good lunch) at the marriage hall and slept blissfully at the hotel for four hours before going to the marriage hall for the reception.

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