Travel and friends

Like I said during the last Goa Trip

 “If you want to know your friends, travel with them. If you want to know yourself, travel alone!”. 

So it was for the Yercaud trip too. I got to discover a lot about my co-travellers, their driving and how each of us complement each other. Plan was to go with my college friends but plans change. One of the guys pulled out and I pulled in Anand (aka Andy) – ex-colleague and very good friend. Other two guys I’ve known from my college days – Murali and Navneeth. The former works in the US and the latter finished his masters there.

What I learnt about these guys:
Andy – Safe, Fast day driver and a human GPS
Navneeth – very Safe, fast-enough driver. OH, and super trip planner
Murali – Keeps the group alive with jokes and his enthusiasm
I – Safe, fast night driver. Photos and blogs.

*Safety not as perceived by the passengers, but as per record – technically. 🙂

All of us love the outdoors and trekking.

Read about the Yercaud Trip here.


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