Kingston upon Hull

Hull is a port city in England, founded circa 1200. You can read up more about this city here. I went there for an official purpose for a day and got to see around the city area for three hours.

Incidentally, Hull or Kingston upon Hull is also the ‘UK city of culture 2017’.

After my business visit, I had lunch at this Italian place called ‘Ask Italian’. Wonderful food, service and the view was great too.

ask italian, hull, england

What you see are the domes of the Hull Maritime Museum:

hull maritime museum

After the wonderful lunch, we went for a walk to the dock.

humber dock marina, hull

Where we stumbled upon The Royal Navy Memorial

The royal navy memorial, hull The royal navy memorial, hull

and the Humber Estuary

humber estuary, hull

Then we walked back into the city taking in the beauty of the place.

Hull Minster (Holy Trinity Church) – dates back to 1300.

hull minster holy trinity church, hull, england hull minster holy trinity church, hull, england

It was a sunny day and couple of kids and some boisterous adults were playing in the fountain opposite Hull City Hall.

hull city hall, hull, england

It was a wonderful afternoon for me – great food, good weather to walk, marvelous & beautiful ancient buildings and joyful folks. What I would have loved to do was explore more of this city (alas, there was no time) and visit the coast which is 30 kms from this city. Maybe some other time.

Keep it clean – for your own sake

when was the last time you went some place and loved it. Now stop to think why you loved the place. Was it dirty, stinky – most probably not.

Would you like that place if you are stressed and go to that place for a good, relaxing vacation and find it stinky and dirty. I bet you won’t!

Forget keeping it clean for your kids, for the next generation! Be selfish, think about it for your own sake, keep it clean so that you can enjoy the place the next time you visit.

So, please, keep the place you visit clean. Whatever you do, don’t add to the garbage.

To avoid dirtying the place you visit:

  1. Carry a bag in which you can put the trash (eg. chocolate wrappers, plastic bottles etc.) and then when you reach your hotel room or when you see a garbage bin, you can dump the trash into that.
  2. Try to pick up at least one piece of trash (plastic bottle or polythene bag) and put it in a garbage bin.

Recently I had this conversation with other tweeps and Nisha suggested this:


I saw these guys cleaning up the Kala Pathar beach in Havelock Island, Andaman. Bravo!

cleaning the havelock beach

If you have more ideas on how to be responsible ‘cleanizen’ while travelling, lemme know through comments.

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